A Steamy Ride To St Louis


01 Excessive Heat

Today I took a little ride down to the St. Louis, Missouri area today to pick up some oil and other items for my GSA motorcycle.  There is a heat advisor for this weekend, including today.  So lots of stops and drinking of water and such for me today.  You are welcome to come along with me if you choose.  You can even enjoy the trip while sitting in the air conditioning.  I will be on the bike.

13 Spot

I carry a personal locator with me when I travel.  It is called a SPOT.  It allows me the security to know that if something should happen, such as a crash, and know one knows where I am, I can use my Spot Locator to summon help by the press of a button.  Through the use of satellites, it can pinpoint my exact location and summon emergency help.

There are several places I plan to visit. I am providing a link here for Spotwalla so you are free to follow along if you choose.  This is only the second time I’ve used Spotwalla.  In case you are asking “what the heck is a Spotwalla?”, here is a view of my ride courtesy of Spotwalla:  Steamy St Louis Trip Route

It also allows me provide updates to my family and friends as I travel so they know I am alright.  And, it provides a way for people to follow my route as I travel.  Now Spot does have a map you can follow me on, but Spotwalla has an even better system as it gets its information directly from Spot.  But it provides a better picture of where I am, where I have been, and even information such as time and speed.  Hey! We better get going.

03 GSAI’m riding my 2009 GSA.  I love this bike.  I’ve only put 60,000 miles on it since it was new.  I now consider it broken in.  Oh, and I have a riding partner as well.  Meet Mr. Happy!  He likes to ride along on some of my trips.  Don’t worry, he does not burn easy under the hot sun.02 Mr Happy



My first stop is going to be the gas station.  I use non-ethanol higher octane fuel when I’m around home.

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