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Remember That Alaska Trip?

As you may remember, back in 2013, I took a month long ride up to Alaska on my motorcycle.  And my intention was to document and share my experience along the way.  But something got into the way and the documentation and sharing just didn’t seem to work.

As a budding travel video photographer, or maybe a v-logger, I soon learned a few things.  One, 30 days is not near enough time to travel up to Alaska and back on a motorcycle if you plan on taking in the sites along the way.  There simply is not enough time.  Second, trying to capture the essence of your ride when you are scurrying about traveling so many miles a day is difficult.

Sure at the beginning things started out just fine.  But soon I discovered that I was not able to provide the type of coverage I had intended.  I was too busy traveling to pay a lot of attention to the photography and video.  And when I tried to pay attention to those things, then I did not travel very far.

Don’t get me wrong, I did record a lot of the trip.  But I could not find the time to report back with live updates as I wanted.  After all, anyone with experience with such things knows it takes a lot of time to deal with all the pictures and videos, and editing and blogging and, well you get the idea.

To add to the issues, my camera’s batteries always needed attending to.  Even the ones tied into my bike’s electrical system still seemed to always have issues.  Lots of babysitting of technology along the way.  And it always seemed to fail at just the wrong time.

To make matters worse, I was on a time schedule that had very little flexibility.  I had a tour set up at the Arctic Ocean and I needed to be back down into the States by a certain date to meet my wife and attend the BMW MOA Rally in Salem, Oregon.  So I was more than a bit rushed.

So after a while, I gave up the daily updates.  And I even remember telling my wife on the phone one time while I was in Fairbanks Alaska, that this trip had become a bit of a reconnaissance trip and that I would now need to come back up for a longer period to do any video justice.

So fast forward to now, near the end of 2015.  And after much thought about how I should go about presenting my story on 2013, I believe the story to be told, is more of what to expect should you, the reader or viewer decide to take such a trip.  What to expect, what not to expect, how long it really takes to do such a trip, and such things.

So keep an eye out for new presentations as I work to put a little show together to help you understand just what it is like to ride your motorcycle to Alaska.  Until then, ride safe.

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