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Spudnut Shop Cinnamon Roll

In a town near me, Pekin, Illinois, there lives a donut shop that has been around since what seems to be forever.  Named the Spudnut Shop, they have been creating delicious donuts for at least as long as I have been around.  Maybe even since the beginning of the company back in 1946.

The name says it all.  Spudnut.  They use potato flour to make their donuts and rolls.  This gives them a different consistency than other donuts and rolls.  They sure are good.  I took a picture of this one this morning.  I didn’t purchase it though.  It is nearly a foot long.  I didn’t measure it, but it was not the longest one on the rack by far.

There is a long history of the Spudnut Company available on the Internet if you are interested.  There was over 600 of them around the country at one time.  Now, I think the number is less than 50.  One thing that is consistent with them all.  If you want a Spudnut donut or roll, you have to come early.  the shops are typically closed by 10 AM each day.

I noticed the shop I stopped at this morning had the largest selection of donuts and rolls I have ever seen still available at 8:00 in the morning.  I understand business is picking up, so they are trying to make more donuts than what they used to make.  The parking lot wall full.  Well, it is a small one though.

Anyway, if you are not familiar with Spudnut Donuts, look them up on the internet and find one along your next trip route.  Each donut is hand made, so they don’t look perfect like the ones you will find at the typical franchised donut shop.  But they sure do taste fine.

Make sure you get there early!


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