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Jim and Helge At Touratech USA

Jim and Helge At Touratech USA

Stopped by the Touratech Shop in Seattle today. Lined up some new shocks for my BMW. Helge Pedersen showed up and we discussed the Alaska portion of my trip. Then we talked about tools to take on the road. I have used Helge as a source of information as he has been traveling around the world on BMW motorbikes since 1981. He gave me a hard time about not following his advise to the “t” regarding marking my tools. Learned about the importance of doing so today. We also discussed getting the proper shocks for the bike. Touratech’s new shocks have been tested extensively off road and have passed every test. They are the only shocks Helge has used and not had one fail yet. Mine have 40,000 miles on them and are showing their age – badly. And they are rebuildable should you need to service them. To seal the deal, Touratech set up my shocks for specifically for me and how I ride. And they are taking them to the BMW MOA Rally with them tomorrow. They will install them on my bike at the Rally. What a great deal!

So the next time I go flying through the air with the GSA loaded down with all the gear, I won’t have to worry about breaking a shock.

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Day 1 – The Bike Is Packed and Ready To Go

I’m spending my first night on the road in Bloomington, Minnesota. I shot a litttle video showing the bike packed and ready to go.

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Hey everyone.  I am creating a new blog to share my motorcycle travels.  Next week I start on a month-long trip from Central Illinois up to the Arctic Ocean in Northern Alaska.  Then I travel down to Salem Oregon to visit the BMW MOA International Motorcycle Rally.  Then I’m off again, riding along the Pacific Coast down to San Diego.  Next I will ride across the southern United Staes to Fayetteville, Arkansas before heading north to return back home.

So stay tune.  The fun is just getting started and I want to share it all with you.

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