Day 3 Is Going To Be a Good One

Today I say goodbye to interstate highway travel as I head west on Highway 2 out of Grand Forks, ND and travel 680 miles to Havre, Montana. I have found out this morning that the Transcandian Highway between Calgary, Alberta and Banff, AB has been partially reopened today. This means I will resume my original route on Sunday to Lake Louise, Alberta.

Though today is a longer travel day with over 11 hours riding time, I do plan to stop at the monument for the geographical center of North America for a picture or two. And I hope I will begin to get into an area of the country that lends itself to more pictures.

So now I’m off to breakfast shortly and then packing the bike for another nice day of riding. Thanks for following.

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Minnesota Rest Stop

Minnesota Rest Stop

Taking a Break

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Day Two – A Slow Ride So Far

Waited for Best Buy to open, which is right near my hotel. Needed a couple more SD cards. Now on the road, but not the route I intended to take. Seems road construction in Minnesota is handled a bit different than back in Illinois. Here, when they replace a bridge, they just shut down one lane rather than shift traffic over to the other side. So I was told this morning that I would be dealing with a huge backup on the road I planned to take to Bemidji. They were right. So a lot of wasted time sitting on the road.

Since tomorrow will be a very long ride in the saddle due to the flooding in Canada, I really need to have time to rest and maybe even relax a bit tonight. So I’m foregoing Bemidji and heading straight for Grand Forks, my stop for the night.

Add to the above that the syrup on my waffle this morning at the free breakfast has not set well with me, and all in all, I’m having a great day.

But the temps are in the mid-70’s, and it mostly cloudy. I am officially in heaven as far as bike riding goes. And everywhere I go, people are wanting to take pictures of me and the bike and talk about my trip. So that slows me down, which is good.

Well, more later.

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Click here to see my location

Click here to see my location

So here is the link to follow me on the road.  Just click on the link above and you will go to my spot page.

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I’m Off To Alaska

I’m Off To Alaska

Okay gang.  I’m finally off to Alaska.  After some late night work at the office, I had to do all the things I needed to do last night this morning.  History Channel is taping at American Pickers today, change of schedule, no video there.  So I’m off to find the only Dutch windmill in the United States.  And it is in Pella, Iowa.  

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Alright.  Route has been changed a bit to

Alright.  Route has been changed a bit to accomodate the flooding in Calgary.  The motorbike is nearly fully loaded.  And I’m about to set off on my adventure.  i will post a small video on Wednesday night regarding the bike and the stuff I’ve loaded onto it. 

In looking at the weather in Alaska, near 90 in Fairbanks and in the 70’s in Prudhoe Bay, I’m trying to remain optimistic that I wil not run into any new forrest fires which could interfere with the trip.  So we shall have to wait and see on that.

Thanks for following this little trip.

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Well, I have confirmation this evening that Highway

Well, I have confirmation this evening that Highway 1 between Calgary and Banff, Alberta is closed until further notice due to the major flooding that has just recently taken place.  So I am rerouting my trip so I can get past the flooding and still get to Lake Louise, AB.  Problem is I believe the ride that day has now just gotten a lot longer.  So stay tuned.

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Well this trip north may be quite interesting.

Well this trip north may be quite interesting.  In Fairbanks, they are currently experiencing a period of warm weather.  It was 81 degrees there a few hours ago.  Temps are projected to be in the low 80’s with the low’s in the low to mid-50’s for the next week or so, at least.  They have issued what is called red flag warnings, meaning that along with the warm weather, the humidity is very low, so the threat of fires is quite high.  Hmmm.

Now tonight, I have read where Calgery is maybe going to evacuate thousands of people due to local flooding.  Wow, is his global warming ?  Stay tuned.

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Alaska Trip Overview

Sorry no pics yet, but they will begin soon

So this trip has taken on several changes over the last year. What began as a 60 day trip has shrunk to a 30 – 33 day trip. Throw in the timing of the BMW MOA International Rally and the Alaska part of the trip becomes a bit of a sprint.

One of the purposes of this blog and the videos and such is to provide insight into what goes into making such trips. I hope my experiences will help others who are interested in making extended motorbike trips. So while there will be the site – seeing type commentary, pictures, videos and such, there will also be some behind the scenes type things. So let’s get started.

II originally set up my Youtube Channel, Armchair Traveler to enlist help in planning this trip. Now being new to all of the video making stuff, that meant I had to learn, no fumble through the process of creating the videos. Enter Final Cut Pro.

So I purchase Final Cut, watch some videos on how to use it,  grab a camera and go to work. Oh, I need better audio. Do some research and now – enter Zoom H4N.

Now I have have the basic tools to make videos, so I do so, making crude off the cuff videos asking viewers to share their ideas on where to go, what to see and what roads to take. Hmmm, Houston we have a problem. No viewers.

Are you with me so far? Remember I said you would get some behind the scenes stuff. I’m only sharing this so others can learn from my mistakes.

So how am I going to get ideas from viewers if I don’t have any viewers? I do get a few comments and to date, about 30 people have subscribed to Armchair Traveler. So I press on assuming that more people will subscribe as I go along. After all, I’m not offering any funny cat tricks, pranks or voyeur type stuff. This is just traveling by motorbike and this first trip is just up to Alaska. A mere 12,000 mile ride. And I’ve got a month to do it in.

When I originally thought up the YouTube Channel, I named it Armchair Traveler because I wanted my viewers to be the Armchair travelers. I wanted them to tell me where they would go if they could. Then I would try to go there. Not to sound too negative, but many people simply cannot afford either the time or expense to take such trips. Maybe they are afraid of motorcycles. Maybe they have some physical handicap that prohibits them from making such trips. But none of those things can stop them from dreaming or wishing they could go. I just thought I’d try to help them live out a little of their dream ride, even if it meant I did the traveling and they got to sit in the safety of their “armchair” and watch their ride presented by me.

So that plan did not go well. So on to plan B. What is Plan B you say? Well, that’s for next time.

Thanks for subscribing.

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Hey everyone.  I am creating a new blog to share my motorcycle travels.  Next week I start on a month-long trip from Central Illinois up to the Arctic Ocean in Northern Alaska.  Then I travel down to Salem Oregon to visit the BMW MOA International Motorcycle Rally.  Then I’m off again, riding along the Pacific Coast down to San Diego.  Next I will ride across the southern United Staes to Fayetteville, Arkansas before heading north to return back home.

So stay tune.  The fun is just getting started and I want to share it all with you.

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