Stopped off for a break while riding back from Alaska.

Stopped off for a break while riding back from Alaska.

Hi.  My name is Jim Moore.  And my trusty 2009 BMW 1200GSA.  In late June of 2013, I left home in central Illinois for a 30 day trip up to the Arctic Ocean, North Alaska.  Rode over 11,000 miles in 30 days.  It was during those days that I decided I would like a place to share my travel adventures with others.  So let me share a little bit about me first.

I Currently own six motorcycles, four cars, three kids and a wife.  Between all of these and their associated activities, I seem to keep quite busy.  I am a stock trader – for myself only.  I like photography and am learning videography as well.  That works well into my “Plan”.

My “Plan”, is to begin incorporating less and less of the day to day stuff, like going into the office, and replace it with more fun stuff, like traveling around the world on motorcycles.  Not the take one big trip kind of thing.  Just individual trips like to Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Ireland, Antarctica, Africa, etc.  You get the idea.  Smaller, short-term trips, mostly less than a month or two.  And of course, take lots of pictures and video along the way.

Oh, I also have a complete woodshop.  That’s where the motorcycles sleep.  I’ve been riding motorcycles since 1968.  Yea, I’m that old.  Well, at least on paper.  But in my mind, I’m a 23 year-old.

I’m also totally remodeling my house.  That woodshop, well that is where I am building all of our new cabinets, doors, trim, anything out of wood.  I build furniture too.

So this site is dedicated to me and my motorcycles.  Just a place where I can share all the things I am doing with all of you who may be interested.

I won’t promise to have weekly updates.  I wish I could.  But I’m just too busy.  There will probably be a few pictures posted, videos as well.  I do not profess to understand this whole WordPress thing at all.  So bear with me while I learn.  My goal is to have one main site you can come to, and then branch out from there depending upon what might interest you.  Whether it be motorcycle related, travel related, photography related, or maybe woodworking related.

Some of my videos are up on Youtube.  I should probably put links to them here somewhere.  As soon as I figure out how.  They are the more educational type videos.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my site.  Let me know.  Don’t feel like a stranger.  Drop me a line.  Look below!  I think I figured out how to put a contact link on this page.  Woo Hoo!!


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