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Standing in the Arctic Ocean

Standing in the Arctic Ocean

Good morning Everyone. Yesterday i stood in the 33 degree water of the Arctic Ocean and washed off my motorcycle suit. The air temperature was34 with a 30-35 mph wind. Wind chill, i have no idea. But it was cold! Never the less, I made it to the ocean, I stood in it, and now I can say I did it.
I come to you this morning from Fairbanks, AK, after riding the full length of the Dalton and then the 78 miles back to Fairbanks. It took 13 hours of straight riding with only one stop in Coldfoot for gas. That’s a long time to cover only 500 miles. I arrived at my hotel around midnight. I intended to leave around 3 AM for Haines to catch a ferry, but was too tired and decided not to risk riding while so tired. I had just taken one of those little 5 hour energy drinks when I decided to stop loading the bike up and go to bed instead. So at 1:00 am, I hopped into bed and slept until 6:30. Energy drink didn’t keep me awake.
So today I am riding to Haines Junction, BC. No ferry rides for me. That was the only one that fit my time table. And to be frank, I’d really rather ride the bike anyway.
So I will report back in a couple days. I believe I will not have much in the way of internet access again until until maybe Sunday night. So be safe all.

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Morning Ride – Dalton Highway

Morning Ride – Dalton Highway

Hello from Deadhorse, Alaska.  I took this picture this morning while driving up to Deadhorse from Coldfoot.  I shot over 150 pictures today along the Dalton.  I simply could not have taken these photos had I ridden the BMW up here.  It was a tough decision, but in the end, I wanted the pictures more than bragging rights of riding to Deadhorse.  Arctic Circle i did on the bike.  But North of Coldfoot, I knew the scenery would dictate lots of stops on the road.

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Good Morning From Fairbanks, Alaska

Hello Everyone.  i told you I was changing my plans and they are coming together quite nicely.  Yesterday, i rode on through Tok from Whitehorse and onto Fairbanks.  This gives me an extra day in Fairbanks.  So today I am am riding the bike up to the Arctic Circle, maybe even on to Coldfoot if I have the time.  Then it’s back to my hotel in Fairbanks tonight.

Tomorrow i will pick up the Ford Escape from Arctic Outfitters and head towards Deadhorse. I’m still trying to adjust scheduling a bit on the Deadhorse run making it at least three days, rather than four.

Yesterday, a mostly uneventful ride except that about 20 miles from Fairbanks, I think i drom through someone’s bear spray.  Not really sure what else it could have been.  But I was on the highway, passing through an area of campers and such, at about 65 – 70 mph.  Suddenly my lips began to burn.  Then my eyes began to burn, then water, profusely.  I soon found myself nearly unable to keep my eyes open.  There were no turnoffs along the road so I tried to continue on to find one.  But I could not.  With eye site getting to the point where I  could only squint out of my eyes, one at a time, I had to pull over.

So I pulled over as far onto the shoulder of the road as possible and got off the bike.  Found a  towel, wiped my face and eyes, then took a second towel and soaked it with water from my water bottle and washed my face and eyes out.  Soon i could see just fine, lip burning began to subside, and my eyes stopped watering.  All seemed good again.

So i put everything away and headed off on my merry way towards Fairbanks.  No more problems.  As i rode along i tried to analyse the situation.  I was driving into the wind, passing through an area where there are known bears, and people camping and such.  Hmmm?  Maybe a bear was a bit too friendly.

I hed the bed and 12:20 AM this morning, and it was still daylight out.  I shot a video to show the light but when i was done, and back in my room, I realized I had my video camera set to take a picture not video.  So that didn’t work so well.  I laughed along with the desk clerk and another patron of the hotel who was trying to get her beer bottle open.

Two , no make it three counting both the guy and the lady behind the desk and the lady with beer, were trying to open a bottle of beer with the most strange opener i have ever seen.  We were all laughing at my shooting a video in the “picture” mode and the fact that it seemed i was the one who needed the beer.  So I asked them let me have a go at it.  I popped the bottle right open with the opener, but using it completely differently that they had been doing.

They asked if i had used such an opener before.  I said no, but am staying at a Holiday Inn tonight.  They had a funny look on their faces, then at the same time all three of them remembered the Holiday Inn commercials and then we all had a big laugh.

Sorry if some of you don’t get the joke.  But it was funny.  So off I go to the Arctic Circle.  Hope to have pics and an update tonight.

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Day 10 – Tok

Hi Everyone.  Today I leave Whitehorse and travel to Tok, Alaska.  it is a 397 miles (639 km) ride over some very messed up roadway lying upon semi-frozen perma frost.  I’ve had reports of some nasty frost heaves, with some sections of roadway dropping as much as five feet.  So it will be slow-going to say the least.

I’m staying at a place called The Golden Bear tonight in Tok.  I’m not sure there is a whole lot of internet access in Tok, so I may not be able to do any updates.  I’m betting Verizon will not work up there either.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I travel an easy 204 miles From Tok to Fairbanks.  I’ve just had another rider inquiry about the Dalton, and possibility of renting a vehicle for the drive up.  There must be something up with the road as I hear so many people talking about renting a vehicle.  I watch a website that Alaska has for road conditions.  All I see for the Dalton is lane restrictions, delays, pilot cars, heavy roadway equipment on the road, lane closures, etc, etc, etc.  So it sounds like for me, with a big heavy bike and load, the safer route for me is definitely the Ford Escape.

I would tell you all that the BMW id performing flawlessly, but that might jinx me, so I won’t.  Even laiden down with what I guess is at around total weight of 1000 lbs.  BMW says it is rated to 1045 lbs.  So I’m good, right?  After riding it continuously for 3,276 miles in the last 8 days, I love riding this bike.  And Rocky Mayer did a great job on my seat.  I ride all day without getting a sore butt.

So I’m off to Tok soon now.  The hotels here do not have elevators and I’m on the 2nd floor in the middle of the building.  So I have at least five trips to haul everything I bring into the hotel at night.  The panniers have ben staying on the bike since they are too heavy to haul up and down and back and forth.  I just take the essentials in at night.

Have a nice day everyone.

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My Twin??

My Twin??

Riding between Watson Lake and Whitehorse, I happen to pass my twin. Same bike, same helmet.

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Today An Easy Ride To Whitehorse

Today An Easy Ride To Whitehorse

Today an easy ride in pleasant weather to Whitehorse from Watson Lake. Only about 270 miles, or 436 kilometers. I started off my day yesterday losing my riding partner as his father has taken ill and he left in search of a plane to get him back to Colorado quickly. So I am all alone again. Well, not really. I’ve got about ten other people who are taking the same route I am, so we run into each other during the day and evening.

The weather yesterday for riding was yucky. Upper 50’s, raining off and on, and riding thru freshly sealcoated roadway. Which means lots of dust. I am officially coated with dust mud as is the bike, cameras, and everything else exposed to it.

But having fun and I’m off the Whitehorse.

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Testa Rivers Cinnamon Buns Are Great

Testa Rivers Cinnamon Buns Are Great

Yesterday morning, just west of Fort Nelson, I stopped off at Testa Rivers Outfitters to try one of their famous cinnamon buns. Paul, here in the picture, is the third generation famly member to run the shop. Been here for 39 years. Great shop, and the buns had just come out of the oven about half-hour ago. They are huge. I got two breakfasts, yesterday and today’s off of one bun. If your up that way, please check Testa Rivers Outfitters out. Really nice people and great buns – cinnamon that is.

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Dawson Creek – Mile Marker No. 0

Dawson Creek - Mile Marker No. 0

I am officially on the Alaska Highway. Spending the night at Fort Nelson. Have a new riding buddy. We are still evaluating the ride up to Prudhoe Bay on the Dalton. A group of guys staying here at our hotel tonight just came down from the Dempster. Said extra calcium chloride is being put down on it too, but it just slows them down. Oh, and makes one big mess of the bikes.

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Day 6 – Good Morning From Dawson Creek, BC

Day 6 - Good Morning From Dawson Creek, BC

Riding Along On the Bighorn Highway

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Click here to see my location

My location tonight – Jasper, AB.

Where In the World Is Jim

Click here to see my location

So here is the link to follow me on the road.  Just click on the link above and you will go to my spot page.

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