They Let Me Back Into the States

Hello Everyone.  I’m coming to you from Everett,Wa tonight.  They let me back into the states today.  Although the customs agent, a bike rider, really wanted to see my stickers from Deadhorse and the Arctic circle.  But since they are buried in a pannier, and there was a long line behind me, we decided that would probably upset the people in line if we took time out just to look at stickers.  So he said maybe next time. It is on his bucket list to get to Deadhorse.

I’ve got over 512 pictures to go thru, taken in the last two days.  Who knows how many videos.  This will be my home base over the next couple of days.  So  I will try to get some pictures and maybe a video or two uploaded now that I have a reliable 4g internet.

Tomorrow I’m visiting the guys at Touratech.  Hopefully they have not left for the Rally yet.  Wednesday I’m at Ride West BMW in Seattle.  Then it’s off to the Rally in Salem, OR.  Hope to see some of you there.

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