Standing in the Arctic Ocean

Standing in the Arctic Ocean

Good morning Everyone. Yesterday i stood in the 33 degree water of the Arctic Ocean and washed off my motorcycle suit. The air temperature was34 with a 30-35 mph wind. Wind chill, i have no idea. But it was cold! Never the less, I made it to the ocean, I stood in it, and now I can say I did it.
I come to you this morning from Fairbanks, AK, after riding the full length of the Dalton and then the 78 miles back to Fairbanks. It took 13 hours of straight riding with only one stop in Coldfoot for gas. That’s a long time to cover only 500 miles. I arrived at my hotel around midnight. I intended to leave around 3 AM for Haines to catch a ferry, but was too tired and decided not to risk riding while so tired. I had just taken one of those little 5 hour energy drinks when I decided to stop loading the bike up and go to bed instead. So at 1:00 am, I hopped into bed and slept until 6:30. Energy drink didn’t keep me awake.
So today I am riding to Haines Junction, BC. No ferry rides for me. That was the only one that fit my time table. And to be frank, I’d really rather ride the bike anyway.
So I will report back in a couple days. I believe I will not have much in the way of internet access again until until maybe Sunday night. So be safe all.

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