Today An Easy Ride To Whitehorse

Today An Easy Ride To Whitehorse

Today an easy ride in pleasant weather to Whitehorse from Watson Lake. Only about 270 miles, or 436 kilometers. I started off my day yesterday losing my riding partner as his father has taken ill and he left in search of a plane to get him back to Colorado quickly. So I am all alone again. Well, not really. I’ve got about ten other people who are taking the same route I am, so we run into each other during the day and evening.

The weather yesterday for riding was yucky. Upper 50’s, raining off and on, and riding thru freshly sealcoated roadway. Which means lots of dust. I am officially coated with dust mud as is the bike, cameras, and everything else exposed to it.

But having fun and I’m off the Whitehorse.

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