Day 3 Wrap Up

Today I traveled from Grand Forks, North Dakota to Glasgow, Montana.  I intended to travel to Havre, Montana.  However, I had a few sidetracks today.

Each time I stop for fuel, a bite to eat, or even just for a brief stop, people come running over to talk to me about the bike and ask where i’m headed.  I won’t go into anymore detail as I discussed this issue already.  It is really great to meet everyone.  I especially enjoyed talk with a fellow who works at the McDonalds I ate lunch at today.

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3 thoughts on “Day 3 Wrap Up

  1. Daniel

    Your making some good time. Watch out for all the damn bugs.


  2. Daniel

    Hey time to wake up. We want to be riding. You are going to like the ice fields. Look out for bears. Have you noticed it cost over double to fill your tank in Canada?


  3. captbilly1000

    Hi Jim,hope the weather holds for you,lot’s of fires in the Yukon.


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