Day Two – A Slow Ride So Far

Waited for Best Buy to open, which is right near my hotel. Needed a couple more SD cards. Now on the road, but not the route I intended to take. Seems road construction in Minnesota is handled a bit different than back in Illinois. Here, when they replace a bridge, they just shut down one lane rather than shift traffic over to the other side. So I was told this morning that I would be dealing with a huge backup on the road I planned to take to Bemidji. They were right. So a lot of wasted time sitting on the road.

Since tomorrow will be a very long ride in the saddle due to the flooding in Canada, I really need to have time to rest and maybe even relax a bit tonight. So I’m foregoing Bemidji and heading straight for Grand Forks, my stop for the night.

Add to the above that the syrup on my waffle this morning at the free breakfast has not set well with me, and all in all, I’m having a great day.

But the temps are in the mid-70’s, and it mostly cloudy. I am officially in heaven as far as bike riding goes. And everywhere I go, people are wanting to take pictures of me and the bike and talk about my trip. So that slows me down, which is good.

Well, more later.

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